Letter from the President, September 19, 2018


When we started CPM, long before hiring our first employee, we realized that Small Contractors struggle because they do not have enough resources.  Whether it be office staff, field workers, cash flow, equipment or a culmination of each, Small Contractors needed better resources support.  

Because of this, we recently began coordinating relevant, educational industry specific workshops to provide valuable information to our Small Business community.  These topics include Labor Compliance & Prevailing Wage Requirements, the importance of filing a Preliminary Lien notice to protect your profits, Prompt Payment provisions and your right to get paid in a timely manner and The Everything Contractor (and why you should narrow down your scope of services).  All of the Prime Sponsors for these events are donating their time because they want to provide the small contracting community access to their potential contracts as well as industry knowledge.

These workshops can be found on our events page.

Our office is pretty small so don’t wait to sign up!