Small Business Spotlight: Silveira Consulting, Labor Compliance Services

Jamie Silveira, President of Silveira, and Abbigail Brown, President of CPM Logistics

Jamie Silveira, President of Silveira, and Abbigail Brown, President of CPM Logistics

Silveira Consulting is owned and operated by Jamie Silveira. As a woman owned/DBE firm, Jamie and her team specialize in providing Labor Compliance Servicesto businesses throughout Northern California and beyond. Jamie and her team, collectively, have 45 years of construction experience and they go above and beyond in providing their clients the quality services they expect. Jamie fully understands the California construction labor environment and the complicated funding processes including the state, federal and local requirements as related to labor compliance. Their services include the following:

  • State and Federal Prevailing Wage Monitoring and Support

  • Retroactive Audit and Quarterly Audit Services

  • Program/Funding Specific Tracking and Reporting

A sample of recent jobs that Silveira Consulting worked on, include: City of Fresno, City of Dixon, Napa County and California Department of Parks and Recreation. 

Jamie has spent years building relationships both on and off the jobsite gaining trust and respect from not only her clients but from the workers as well. She and her team provides training and support to the client and can also perform all comprehensive compliance paperwork requirements. Jamie considers herself to be the problem solver and not just an enforcer of the requirements, thus mitigating any risk. Her dynamic team brings all resources to their projects to assure success for everyone. 

For more information on Silveira Consulting: 
Phone: 209-744-2872