For almost two decades, CPM Logistics' founder, Abbigail Brown, has worked as a Program and Project Manager on publicly funded and heavy civil transportation projects.  She has significant experience in project and construction management and specializes in project communication and transparency, team building, Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) processes, public bid processes, breaking down scope into small, manageable bid packages for minority contractors and a myriad of project management tools to make sure that projects are successful.  

CAHSR/Caltrans, CMGC SR 99 Realignment Project  

CPM was hired by Granite Construction as the Jobs Coordinator to meet the project’s 30% goal established by the California High Speed Rail Authority (CAHSRA).  CPM has partnered with many local agencies, including the EDD and the Fresno City Council,  to establish a workforce development program in addition to working with local businesses to meet the project requirements.   CPM’s services include communityoutreach, recruitment and strategic planning with a focus on developing relationships with local workers and minority/disadvantaged businesses, communities, unions, hiring agencies, faith-based organizations. 

Contra Costa Transportation Authority, Interstate 80/San Pablo Dam Road

Working with CCTA, CPM was brought in to assist prime contractors with successfully meeting the project DBE goals (10%) established by CCTA and FHWA.  Services include outreach, communication with DBE and Prime Contractors and coordination for the agency on the Interstate 80 / San Pablo Dam Road Interchange Improvements.

Presidio Parkway Project, Phase 2

Working with Flatiron-Kiewit, JV (FKJV), CPM has provided services for the first California large-scale transportation project contracted by utilizing a P3 Agreement.

  • UDBE/SBE Program Management: In response to a state and federal audit three years into the project, CPM was brought in to create and manage a minority compliance program.  Working with Flatiron-Kiewit, JV (FKJV), CPM established and oversaw a recovery program that has not only met the contractual compliance goal, but is currently exceeding it.   CPM has also worked closely with FKJV to encourage all levels of stakeholders to encourage minority and small business participation.
  • Landscape Design Management - CPM is currently managing landscape efforts which include 40 acres of new landscaping. This endeavor consists of team building and design management between several agencies, FKJV and the land owner, the Presidio Trust.  CPM implemented several organizational tools that allowed for increased informational flow and progress tracking.
  • Soils Management Coordination - Working with FKJV, Caltrans and the Presidio Trust, CPM analyzed extensive project requirements and created over 500 pages of management plans, per work area, based on site needs for the project.

Palace of Fine Arts, Presidio Parkway

CPM assisted Flatiron-Kiewit, JV with construction and contract oversight at the Palace of Fine Arts. This included generating and managing the project design and bid documents, quality controls plans and responding to bidder’s and field questions through the project's life cycle.

Prime-DBE Cooperative

Starting in 2013, CPM has worked tirelessly to address chronic issues surrounding the minority contractor and prime contractor relationships.  Since then, CPM has generated the support and collaboration of many agencies, prime and minority contractors to commit to a Prime-DBE Cooperative (PDC) that provides educational workshops and networking events for large heavy civil and transportation projects. The group was formed to create favorable conditions that encourage better communication and responsiveness between all stakeholders and includes a network of agencies, prime contractors and minority contractors that form informal partnerships to address project needs. Participants include Caltrans, Granite Construction, Ghilotti Brothers, Shimmick, Flatiron Structures and many other prominent figures that are actively participating in the cooperative and will result in a long standing legacy. See PDC events

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