Workshop Topics

1.       Business Planning – Writing a Business Plan - Abbigail Brown, CPM Logistics

2.      The Art of Negotiation & Managing People’s Expectations - Lee Cunningham, BT Metals

3.      Small Business Legislation – Assemblyman Jim Frazier

4.      Workforce Development - TBD

5.      Good Faith Efforts on Publicly Funded Projects – TBD

6.      Telling Your Business Story through Marketing – Leslie Burton-Lopez, Every Page Marketing

7.      Small Business Bonding, Insurance and Finance

         Tom Vanderheiden, Beneficial State Bank – Bernida Reagan, Merriweather & Williams

8.      Working with Governmental Agencies

         Osayahde Nesbitt, Caltrans District 4 Small Business Program

9.       How to Network With Primes – Dave Jenkins & Claire Koenig, Associated General Contrators

10.      Working with Unions – Andreas Cluuver, Alameda County Building Trades