CPM Logistics offers the following services for:

  • Large and Small Companies - Small Business Counseling, Project Partnering, Mentoring and Advocacy
  • Small & Minority Business Outreach & Project Reporting, Good Faith Efforts (GFE) Support, Managing and Verifying Small/Minority Business Commercially Useful Function (CUF), Minority Compliance Management and Monitoring

Small Business & Minority Compliance and Outreach 

We are a company that understands minority businesses both internally, being a woman-owned company, and externally, working with large contractors to help them meet project requirements. Our company is represented by community-minded people who will go that extra mile to represent the minority business community.  We not only meet regularly with companies to review a project's diversity requirements, but we also help to certify small and minority businesses; in addition to, providing educational and training opportunities provided by federal, state and local agencies.  

Project Partnering, Mentoring & Networking 

Our company excels at connecting large companies with small businesses to meet project goals.  Many of these connections have resulted in long term business and personal relationships between the companies. We have the connections and experience to successfully partner large companies with small businesses to fulfill public works contractual project obligations.

Community Outreach and Engagement

We believe that people build communities. We ensure transparency by providing accurate information about the project to the public. Informed residents will be able to provide meaningful input, ideas and feedback that will make the project a success. Our services include, but are not limited to, neighborhood canvassing, public outreach and notices, meeting facilitation, and engaging the public with social media. Every project and community is unique, and we tailor all our outreach and engagement scopes to meet the need of the clients, project goals and community. 

Project Support Services

With over 70 years of collective program and project management experience, we are here to assist with shepherding projects from inception to completion. We know what it takes to put together well thought out processes that support programs and projects. We aren’t afraid to ask the tough questions and remain flexible to reach the goals.

Project Oversight

We’ve worked with a myriad of governmental agencies and know how overwhelming project requirements and compliance can be. Don't despair - we are here to make this part of any project as easy and uncomplicated as possible. 


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