Our company was founded on the premise that every person deserves the opportunity to be heard. Our mission is to engage those businesses, large and small, that are willing and able to do what it takes to become successful. Our promise is to engage communities by promoting large, small and minority businesses with informational sessions, educational workshops, project partnering, one-on-one mentoring, and connecting them with governmental agencies and prime contractors.

As a Small Business Construction Consultant, we work with a variety of prime contractors, subcontractors, governmental agencies and small and minority businesses.  Our core values and competencies are to establish and nurture connections between each to sustain long lasting and profitable relationships.

I’ve known Abbigail Brown for many years and have enjoyed her style of management. She is a skilled leader who knows how to efficiently address Client and Project needs while keeping her pulse on the people behind the business.
— George Nassar, School Board President St. James Parish School District