CPM Logistics core values are to establish and nurture connections between small and minority businesses, DBE/SBE/LBE companies, prime contractors and government agencies. One opportunity we have to accomplish this is through education and exposure in recognized publications and media.


United Contractors Magazine, August 2016

Making a Case for Small Business, by Abbigail Brown, President, CPM Logistics

Economic development is about strengthening the productive capacity of a national, state or local community. There are more than 29 million small business owners in the United States, representing 98% of all businesses, and they generate nearly 64% of new jobs in this country.

Why This Matters in Our Industry?


Presidio Parkway website, Small Business Opportunities

DBE Success Stories

CPM Logistics met and exceeded the project’s small business and minority commitments; and the landscape team functions efficiently and has complied with required project deliverables.


Department of General Services, Get Connected Small Business Expo
September 12, 2017

CPM Logistics had the opportunity to discuss how we help small businesses get connected with large prime contractors and how we assist those business get the certifications they may be eligible for.