CPM Logistics core values are to establish and nurture connections between small and minority businesses, DBE/SBE/LBE companies, prime contractors and government agencies. One opportunity we have to accomplish this is through education and exposure in recognized publications and media.


The Daily Reporter: Southern California Edition, January 3, 2019

Small Business Spotlight: CPM Logistics

The CPM Logistics team has over 70 years of experience in the fields of Program, Construction and Project Management with specific emphasis on Small Businesses working on publicly-funded projects.

CPM logistics is a small, woman owned business that focuses on providing support to small contractors in the transporta-tion industry. Started in early 2013, Abbigail Brown realized that there was a better way to approach how small contrac-tors were utilized on transportation and infrastructure projects. Because these companies are scarce, and have limited re-sources, CPM began its quest to learn the market’s best prac-tices and to implement those strategies to bring up the entire industry as a whole.


Associated General Contractors of California, Dec. 3, 2017

SB1 Partnership Forums: Connecting People and Resources to Deliver Transportation Improvement Projects, by Claire Koenig, Regional Manager, North Bay, San Francisco Bay Area & Santa Clara

Caltrans is sharing how $52 billion in construction spending will be apportioned. On Monday, Caltrans District 4 held a meeting at its Oakland headquarters to share details on the funding generated by this year’s SB1 legislation. Over 100 people attended, including representatives of City and County governments, select contractors, materials suppliers, and unions. Key subjects discussed were the types of projects anticipated for SB1 funding; local and regional agency coordination; permitting; utility coordination; contractor and materials availability; and small business utilization.


United Contractors Magazine, August 2016

Making a Case for Small Business, by Abbigail Brown, President, CPM Logistics

Economic development is about strengthening the productive capacity of a national, state or local community. There are more than 29 million small business owners in the United States, representing 98% of all businesses, and they generate nearly 64% of new jobs in this country.

Why This Matters in Our Industry?


Presidio Parkway website, Small Business Opportunities

DBE Success Stories

CPM Logistics met and exceeded the project’s small business and minority commitments; and the landscape team functions efficiently and has complied with required project deliverables.


Department of General Services, Get Connected Small Business Expo
September 12, 2017

CPM Logistics had the opportunity to discuss how we help small businesses get connected with large prime contractors and how we assist those business get the certifications they may be eligible for.