Small Business Spotlight: Rupert Construction Supply

Karen Wonneberg, owner

Karen Wonneberg, owner

Karen Wonnenberg started Rupert Construction Supply in 2002 – providing material supplies to contractors building bridge, highway and other civil engineering transportation projects. Rupert Construction Supply is a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE), and a Small Business Enterprise (SBE). 

Rupert Construction Supply has concentrated on bridges for much of the business, but Karen reports that she wanted to find a stronger niche, taking bridge concepts and finding more business in highway and rail, and water/wastewater treatment projects.

Karen believes her success comes for the following mindset: As a DBE, be prepared to do the work. Don’t wait to be handed something by the contract. You need to be successful with or without the DBE certification, so operate as a business, not as a DBE business. The certification is just an added incentive to the contractor. 

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